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The Journey of 99 Pancakes

Welcome to 99 Pancakes franchise, which opened its first store in June 2017, in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. Since then, the Pancakes and its other lip-smacking desserts have emerged as a loved choice as a quick grab meal, and has outlined an ambitious expansion plan.

You feel truly special, when you are with 99 Pancakes franchise partnership

It's a partnership that has generated immense economic prospects and expansion for numerous small business owners worldwide.

It may be challenging at times, but it's gratifying work that brings forth a multitude of benefits and rewards.

To honour and uphold what it means to be a 99 Pancakes franchisee entails continuously looking ahead and building upon the proud legacy and leadership that have paved the way for countless success stories... and will undoubtedly pave the way for many more.

We are devoted to offering the finest franchising opportunity globally – both in the present and for future generations.

Our aim is to attract and retain exceptional restaurant operators – individuals who possess a growth-oriented mindset and a steadfast commitment to excellence. Individuals who, when supported by a formidable brand and a network of resources, suppliers, and assistance, are enthusiastic and well-prepared to create prosperity and success for themselves and their communities.

Franchise Opportunity literature

Being a franchisee of 99 Pancakes’ means being a part of a network whose only goal is to help your success in providing mouthwatering, uplifting experiences for every customer, in every restaurant, every day.

It's a partnership that has fuelled significant economic expansion and opportunities for thousands of small business owners across multiple locations.

It's often challenging, but it's also enjoyable employment that offers a wealth of advantages and rewards.

Being a Pancakes' franchisee requires upholding a strong heritage and leadership that has produced hundreds of success stories and will definitely continue to do so.

It also requires constantly looking forward and improving upon that tradition.

Expansion plan in India

99 Pancakes has one of the best franchise business expansion strategies and is poised to make a significant impact in the Indian market. Implementing the robust marketing and operational strategies, 99 Pancakes aims to carve out a niche in the hearts of Indian customers and create its presence across multiple locations.

Join Our Legacy

Join us on the exciting journey of 99 Pancakes and indulge in the joy of delectable pancakes and desserts. Experience the warmth of our brand and the support we offer to our franchisees. Contact us today to explore the rewarding opportunity of partnering with 99 Pancakes.