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Join the Pancake Revolution! Discover a franchise opportunity like no other. Delight customers with innovative vegetarian pancake creations and be a part of our award-winning brand’s success story.

Our Franchising Opportunity

The brand offers an impeccable franchise model, constantly surprising customers with innovative and delectable combinations of dessert platters. 99 Pancakes is the first brand to introduce vegetarian ingredients in pancakes, catering to the preferences of Indian customers. The brand has successfully expanded to multiple locations in a short span of time and aims to continue its growth with like-minded franchisees across the country. 99 Pancakes has received various recognitions, awards, and recommendations, valuing customer feedback and constantly striving for more achievements.

Join Our Legacy

Join us on the exciting journey of 99 Pancakes and indulge in the joy of delectable pancakes and desserts. Experience the warmth of our brand and the support we offer to our franchisees. Contact us today to explore the rewarding opportunity of partnering with 99 Pancakes.

Why Choose Us?

  • First vegetarian brand to introduce Mini Pancakes to Indian audience
  • Variety of products in the Desserts & Cakes category
  • The unique combination of innovative concepts and flavoured items


  • Venture of seasoned and experienced professional entrepreneurs with proven track E-record
  • Excellent business model
  • QSR chain of the future
  • Operational Support
  • Excellent support staff to attend to the franchisee queries
  • Good Return On Investment
  • India's 1st & only Pancake Brand
  • 5 lakh loyal customers
  • Scaled 40 + stores
  • Serve best quality desserts with world-class service

Why Partner With Us?

Established Brand

Proven track record and reputation.


Training, marketing, and other resources.

Profit Potential

Lucrative business opportunity.

Low Risk

Minimal startup costs and overhead.

Become A Part Of The 99 Pancakes Family

Partnering with 99 Pancakes means becoming a valued member of our tight-knit family. As pioneers in introducing vegetarian ingredients to pancakes, we offer a unique and innovative menu that caters to the evolving preferences of Indian customers. With our rapid expansion and proven success, you’ll have the opportunity to capitalize on a growing market and maximize your returns. Our brand’s numerous recognitions, awards, and recommendations attest to our dedication to excellence. We prioritize customer satisfaction and actively seek their feedback, constantly improving and striving for new milestones. Join us and benefit from our unwavering support and training, ensuring your success as a proud franchisee.

How Can We Help You?

99 Pancakes offers comprehensive guidance, mentorship, and resources to aspiring entrepreneurs. Franchisees receive training and access to knowledge across all aspects of the business.

  • Ongoing operational support is provided to ensure smooth business operations.
  • Multiple funding sources are readily available to assist franchisees.
  • Opportunities for growth are provided, allowing franchisees to expand their business and achieve their goals.
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Frequently asked question

An applicant can enter the 99 Pancakes system by-

  • fill in the enquiry form which will be verified by our team before approval.
  • It is mandatory to have a capex of 70L in fund.
  • The population count of that territory has to be more than 5lakhs.

Our focus is to recruit prospective franchisees who will be keen to upscale the franchise business, that will help expansion in various locations. Here both single and multi-unit opportunities are available, however, for multi-unit outlet, capex investment will be expected around 2 crores INR with a population count of minimum 15L in that area.

99 Pancakes has different cost bifurcations. If you are seeking a franchise of 99 Pancakes and looking forward for the detailed information on franchise fees, advertisement cost, royalty- you will have to fill in the enquiry form. Our team will verify your form and reach out to you with the necessary details as required by you.

The team of 99 Pancakes will definitely look into it. You can suggest the new market mentioning the correct details of the location- like country, state, city, pin code and google map by sending us an e-mail at

As per our company policy and other parameters, if it complies- our team will revert.

We want the prospective franchisees to undergo the training program to get a comprehensive detail of the operations and work process. Initially 2 months training sessions will be provided and post that it will be provided as per requirement in a continuous process.

99 Pancakes offers franchises to prospective applicants post verifying of multiple parameters, and sales of a specific area is determined by analysis of the location, capacity of the franchisee’s performance and numerous factors.

99 Pancakes does not develop new franchise outlets in any location with the intent of issuing the franchise to a specific individual. Our development teams select and build the sites, and the new site is franchised separately by abiding the franchise policy.

If you own property and are interested in selling/renting it to 99 Pancakes please drop an email and we shall look into it.

99 Pancakes does not allow franchise partnerships, including sibling partnerships. Our franchises are granted to an individual who has completed the verification process successfully. Your family members may, however, be employed by you in the business.

99 Pancakes makes around 20-25% profit margin in a year. Profitability depends on many factors, including operating and occupancy costs, financing terms, and (most important) your ability to operate the business effectively.

99 Pancakes is an equal opportunity franchisor by choice. We would definitely appreciate individuals who are capable of operating multiple locations. Candidates who have successfully operated multiple businesses may be suited to operating several franchises. Also, the population of the area is more than 8L, you are eligible for more than one outlet, but, post verification of the application process.

99 Pancakes has certain policies to follow while setting up a restaurant. The location is decided by the company based on several factors. If you want to discuss regarding a new restaurant location, please feel free to email us at

We are actively available at, if you have any questions about marketing or public relations.

99 Pancakes strongly prefers prospective franchisees with a basic experienced background, a proven track record of operational excellence, and the administrative/financial/development capabilities to run food outlet.

The availability of 99 Pancakes restaurants in specific areas will be discussed during the initial verification process. We cannot predict which restaurants will be available or potential without knowing the exact locality.

Hear It From Them

Siddharth Patel, Vesu4 Years Experience

It's been a highly profitable venture for me to be associated with 99 Pancakes for more than 4 years and counting. As they say " Awesome people Awesome Pancakes " Their management truly justifies this with their support and encouragement.

Waqas, Khargar5 Years Experience

Brand 99 Pancakes brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the dessert space, encouraging me to partner with them. They have always treated us as one big family, and our journey goes on 5 years and counting...

Sonali, Seawoods4 Years Experience

I have been a foodie who wants to explore cuisines around the world. It was my dream to have my own venture related to food and 99 Pancakes sweetened the deal. I love the association with the brand and it satisfies me to see happy customers.



We work on better goals – with clarity and consistency and with higher standards output.

When we expand our franchisee community - with the right blend of 99 Pancakes' heritage, external expertise, diversity, and determination, we provide an unparalleled customer experience, we consistently raise the benchmark - collaborating with clarity and uniformity, while upholding elevated standards...

"When we accomplish this, we achieve our success.
We excel. Even more so - we surpass expectations."

Indulge in the delightful world of pancakes with 99 Pancakes, where innovation meets vegetarian goodness. Join our franchise family and savor the sweet taste of success.

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