Why Partner With Us

Why 99 Pancakes?

99 Pancakes has an impeccable franchise model. The brand has always come up with innovative way to surprise its customers with delectable combinations of dessert platter. It is the first brand that has included vegetarian ingredients in the Pancakes to our Indian customers.

99 Pancakes has made its presence in multiple locations within a short span and it aims to wide spread its outlet with like-minded franchisees from across the country.

The brand has achieved various recognitions, awards, and recommendations from all over and it highly values the feedback of each customer and thrive with a zeal to achieve more.

Association with 99 Pancakes is the best and rewarding opportunity for you

99 Pancakes has dedicated itself to providing family-friendly experiences while employing top products and developing trademark recipes with the needs of our visitors in mind. With a variety of franchise options available, we will assist you in making the best choices so you can get started right away and simply expand your business. In order to remain competitive as we further build the 99 Pancakes brand on a national scale, we provide franchising options with the best of choices.

Since 2017, 99 Pancakes has provided franchisees with excellent business models with its innovation to upscale the productivity.

We are one of the leading dessert chains in the country and continue to grow across multiple locations with a focus to enter the international markets.

We successfully drive product excellence through premium quality food along with taste, innovation, and value offerings.

We’re committed to driving profitability and growth for the brand by reviewing the steps through collaborating with our franchisees.

Journey about 1st outlets

The start of journey becomes the fondest memory of our life, something that can never fade.

99 Pancakes launched its first outlet in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. Since then, there was no pause and the business started growing with an outstanding performance.

The success mantra of 99 Pancakes is the pure and excellent service they provide for the satisfaction of the customers. Here customer’s choice, pleasure, health is taken into consideration which has made the brand lead in India today.

Focus to Build up an International Brand

99 Pancakes is moving towards global effort to increase the number of franchises across the world. With continuous growth and acceptance, it has received from customers, and a positive nod from international customers, it will very soon launch its business in international market.

Training Management

99 Pancakes is dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance, mentorship, and resources to aspiring entrepreneurs like you. The expertise team has a proven track record of assisting talented individuals in the pursuit of franchise business ownership, nurturing ideas and aspirations to grow.

  • Receive training and gain access to know-how across all aspects of the business
  • Built-in support for ongoing operations
  • Multiple funding sources readily available
  • Opportunities for growth

Join Our Legacy

Join us on the exciting journey of 99 Pancakes and indulge in the joy of delectable pancakes and desserts. Experience the warmth of our brand and the support we offer to our franchisees. Contact us today to explore the rewarding opportunity of partnering with 99 Pancakes.